What Materials Used to Make Big Barrel Bats

The sports world is one filled with action, excitement, and more than a few hot dogs! But there is another aspect to the “fun” side of sports and sporting events, and it dates back to before the game became a massive spectator sport. The need for proper equipment. Though decades past have been filled with “make-shift” equipment such as sticks for baseball bats and rolled up pieces of cloth for a baseball, there came a time in the baseball world where a real bat was required.

Traditionally, Pennsylvania and New York ash trees are used to make baseball bats. Ash is the preferred wood to use since it is incredibly strong but flexible, and light in weight when the bat is completed. But not just any ash tree can be used. When manufacturers are choosing the appropriate ash tree, they will look for dense clusters of trees where they are protected from the elements. This means the trees are forced to grow straight up and towards the sun and will allow for an easier carving of the bat.


Non-traditionally (and a more common choice) is a big barrel composite bat. These particular baseball bats consist of a graphite and carbon material which are bonded together using resin. However, this blend has been banned from a select few leagues simply due to the fact they become warmer the more it’s used. Having noted that, a composite bat still offers improved performance due to its ability to increase the distance of the baseball being struck.

Next on the list of materials used is the Aluminum Big Barrel Bat. This is the one that gave wooden baseball bats a run for their money. This piece of equipment ensures a light swing that will drive the balls far into the outfield. The biggest advantage to choosing an aluminum bat is the “trampoline effect”, in other words, the light-weight material offers a slight curve around the ball when struck, and will the “trampoline” the ball forward. This then increases speed and distance and can make for quite a few home runs. Another upside to choosing an aluminum bat is it comes out already hot, or “broken in”, whereas a composite bat will need to be used for a few games before it reaches its full potential.

Last on the list of materials is alloy. This particular material is essentially aluminum mixed with a few other metals in order to create a slightly stronger product. Often, this is the bat material of choice simply because the mix of metals reduces the above mentioned trampoline effect. Though the effect is fantastic for the batter and their team, it’s more difficult to moderate once a player reaches a professional league.

Having said that, a great advantage to choosing an alloy bat (besides a moderated ‘trampoline effect’) is the durability they offer. They won’t retain heat in warmer climates, they need less if no time at all to “break in”, and are exponentially more durable than the aforementioned composite, aluminum or even ash bats. So, would like to find the best big barrel baseball bats? just visit hittersbats.com.

How to choose the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

It is not easy to choose the best motorcycle helmet. It is therefore important to go about the matter carefully by choosing-bluetooth-motorcycle-helmetlooking at the most important attributes that you need your helmet to bear. Technological advancements globally have promoted ease of communication, fast and easy storage of files as well as the sharing of content such as pictures.

Developers have made tremendous steps in coming up with gadgets and software to enhance communication. However, over using the technology is not advisable. A lot of people text or even make calls when riding a motorbike and that is dangerous because it distracts them and that may result into an accident. You hands must be kept holding the handle bars as you ride. It is important to choose the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for the best experience but what are the factors to consider?

An ideal helmet should be well fitted with a Bluetooth intercom plus a built in FM tuner that puts the rider in a position to enjoy the radio station of he/she likes. Don’t rush through making your choice of the blue tooth helmet. It is important to take your time.

Ensure the headset you pick is designed in such a way that it fits well on a modular motorcycle helmet and full face helmet .The reason behind this is that it facilitates a two way communication between the two people enjoying the ride. Having a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet in a good working condition helps you do away with the need to reach into your pants or jacket in an effort to make calls or pick them.

Everyone wishes to get real value for their money. Getting real value for money in this case can be observed from numerous perspectives. A blue tooth motorcycle helmet with sufficient sound level and also fitted with an integrated audio booster spells it out clearly that you are paying for value.

As a matter of fact you do not wish to settle for something that can easily be destroyed by water. Get a water resistant blue tooth helmet and also remember to ensure that it is the kind that protects your ears from the advanced noise.

Sometimes you may be caught up in an emergency and you need to make clear and quick communication. A helmet fitted with a device that enables the speed dialing function is quite helpful at such and definitely, the various functions consume charge in a great way.

It is therefore important settling for the one whose charge lasts up to 7 hours of talk time and 6 days in terms of the standby time. Its firmware also needs to be upgradable. An ideal service provider is the one that provides you with a warranty as well. Pick on buying from the one that gives you at least a two year warranty. Lack of proper information is what many at times lead to the making of bad choices.

It is important that you acquaint yourself with important information to help you pick the best motorcycle helmets. The discussion above has covered the various attributes you need to look out for in purchasing the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet, also best modular helmet and full face helmet.

Why Use BBCOR Baseball Bats In Baseball?

using-bbcor-baseball-batUsing BBCOR baseball bats may mark the difference between commendable performance and a bad one. When gaming gets stressful-namely, causes friends to start loosing confidence in you and your self-esteem gets compromised-it is high time to take proactive measures needed to win your games and have more fun.

BBCOR is the initial for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. This is the new model of bat regulation testing which also operates on the principle of measuring up all non-wood bats to see to it that they closely simulate the wood bats.. Don’t be left behind in tapping into the numerous pleasant advantages that come with using the BBCOR baseball bats in your gaming activities.

One noticeable difference with the BBCOR test lies in the fact that it has the ability to measure the ball exit speeds after the bats have been broken in. That is the main reason as to why the ABI (Accelerated Break-In Test) works in unison with BBCOR. The ABI test usually comes handy when it comes to those bats that simulate heavy use. The more the composite bats get used, the better their performance becomes. It might interest you to learn that ABI can make it possible for all bats to perform similar to wood bats even in those cases of heavy usage.

BBCOR baseball bats are generally about upholding the player safety at the forefront and it is up to you as a player and the coaches to see to it that the integrity of the game is upheld. A lot has been going on in the baseball gaming landscape and some people are finding themselves lost in the ever changing intricacies associated with the gaming and the regulations as well. It is not advisable to have yourself left behind in the dynamics of baseball gaming. Long gone are the days when the aluminum bat ‘ping’ was the order of the day and it is crucial to open your eyes to see and take advantage of the power-laden bats-BBCOR baseball bats.

Most of the well-established players that have been using the BBCOR baseball bats for a while now are attesting to the fact that the bats are bringing back the game to the way it was originally tailored to play. Let’s get the facts straight. The BBCOR baseball bats are about emphasizing on defense and pitching as well.

Furthermore, it is about executing the little plays of gaming contrary to the way some people move about it-staying put for the three run homer. BBCOR bat rules adjustments is the way forward to fun play and progress in baseball gaming success.

It is important to take advantage of the BBCOR bats as a player that looks forward to great gaming success. It is important in the sense that it helps you become an accomplished and successful player because of its associated attributes. Beside the most bbcor bats are the big barrel bats so you feel good taking home wins after every game.

Using ineffective bats in the field has affected the overall performance of a lot of players because it holds them back from controlling the ball appropriately. When you choose the best BBCOR baseball bats certified, you go against all those factors that pull you back from attaining success when using the inappropriate bats. Success becomes guaranteed for you.

The Best Womens Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings – Top 4 Recommended

You might have wondered how women head to snowboarding in winter with no difficulty. Snowboarding is a breathtaking winter sport, played in the United States of America, where snowboard gear kick starts the riders with snowboarding.

Specialized gears and accessories are designed for this sport, in which men and women share different accessories separately. Over the period of time, the popularity of this sport has bestowed a new style statement to its accessories and gears. As a result, the best womens rear entry snowboard bindings are lately much in vogue among women.


In snowboarding, the snowboard binding is the one who plays the most integral role in riding and moving the riders from one direction to another, maintaining their body steadiness. The sport is simply exhilarating to play, in which the riders can descend from a higher snow capped slopes to a lower slope riding through the snow fields, while standing on the snowboard attached to the rider’s feet with snowboard bindings.
Usefulness of Snowboard Bindings

The best thing is that women can adapt various snowboarding styles on the mountain using the snowboard bindings. You can jump, spin and can even try out exciting aerial moves with high flexibility and ease. No matter whether you are riding for the first time or trying to explore new riding tricks, the women rear entry snowboard bindings will certainly boost up your vitality and take you ahead to the next level of snowboarding.

While snowboarding, the bindings are connected with the snowboard that helps in transferring the muscle strength to the board. The more perfect snowboard bindings you use, the more comfortable and joyous your riding experience will be.

So, now if this exciting sport won over your heart and mind, then a quick review on the best women’s rear entry snowboard bindings will impart adequate knowledge about the product, which may interest you to attempt this sport.

Lately, the sports stores are catering a plenty of snowboard bindings to choose from. But,going online to buy snowboard bindings is what I in my opinion prefer to recommend.

Buying products online will save you a certain amount of money as well as you can end up choosing your best gears from the pool of accessories. So, a better review on the top four women’s rear entry snowboard bindings would do the best and prove valuable for your purpose.

Top 4 Best Women’s Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings

GNU B-Free Snowboard Bindings Womens

The GNU B-Free Snowboard Bindings Womens is just the comfortable and relaxing snowboarding bindings you could ever get. You can perform better riding with this snowboard binding, as it has quick straps that bind your feet with the snowboard strongly.

It is designed with cool middle ground flex that comforts all riders and is super adjustable where you can conveniently dial out the bindings, making the best fit possible. Further, with its fit-toe response and tip-trail response, you can avoid contact with board often and feel a comfortable underfoot. In addition to this, you can cherish a classy look with its other features like Ft-5 Highback, Ft-2 Baseplate, Comprex Ankle Strap, thin fit-toe strap and EVA foam footbed.

Burton Escapade Snowboard Bindings Natural White Womens

If you are high on fashion, the Burton Escapade Snowboard Bindings Natural White Womens is the ultimate one you can purchase. Apart from being highly fashionable, comfy and speedy, this snowboard binding has stiff flex, but ensures high performance.

Its design is specifically made for women with true-fit design with dual component canted living hinge real mesh HI Back, dual component smooth glide buckles, new cored ultrastrap air and ultra capstrap, and baseplate made with 30% short-glass or nylon composite.

With its enormous features and functions, this snowboard binding is made to complement any snowboard and further enables the rider to jump, spin and move freely.

Flow Gem Snowboard Binding – Women’s

The Flow Gem Snowboard Binding – Women’s is yet another snowboard binding that prepares you for another breathtaking adventure on the snowfield. This is a performance driven product, which is comfortable and ensures high convenience while turning, skipping and making aerial moves.

It is sleek, trendy, yet durable that lasts long. With its reclining hiback and wider molded H-series rockered baseplate, you can overlook the presence of the snowboard underneath your feet. Full-EVA Toe&Heel-Inserts, 1 piece uniback ventilated hiback, 1 piece Exo-fit PowerStrap with LSR-Buckles and Combi –disk for 4X4 and 3HP mounting are included with its features.

Siren Mystic Women’s 2016 Snowboard Bindings

Finally, the very striking and relaxed snowboard binding for women is here. The Siren Mystic Women’s 2016 Snowboard Bindings is amazing in its trendy white and blue looks. It has a gel padded ankle and toe design strap that gives quick response and comfort while descending down from the slope. Its popularity also lies in its free rides which enable full 360 degree rotation and quick aerial movements. It is high on comfort as well with full EVA padded thick back.

Fitting women boot sizes ranging from 6-11, this snowboard binding is an ideal blend of fashion, comfort and convenience, where its baseplate is covered with super padded EVA foam that not only support you in your jumps and moves, but also ensure optimal comfort during the course of action. It is designed technically and emerged as a safe binding for women to ride on.


At the end of our talk, we can gladly conclude the best womens rear entry snowboard bindings are the matchless option when you head to snowboarding in winter. These snowboarding gears will go the furthest peak to make your snowboarding experience more exhilarating and unforgettable. So, speed up your enthusiasm and go to this site to get yourself a cool and best snowboard bindings to embark on an adventurous snowboarding this year.

What Is The Senior Softball Bat?

Do you want to buy a senior softball bat? Senior softball bats have different designs and sizes. Their barrels measure at least two and a quarter inches in diameter. When choosing the right senior softball bat to buy, you should keep in mind the following guidelines.

They Are:

1) Weight


Image: basesloadedsportsllc.com

Senior softball bats come in different weights. Heavy softball bats give you more hitting power but tend to have slower swing speeds as a result of their weight. You should choose a softball bat with a weight that you can handle well. For example, choose a lighter softball bat if you want faster swings or a heavier bat if you are a heavy hitter.

2) Barrel Length

Softball bats come in different lengths that vary from twelve to fourteen inches. You should look for a softball bat with a length that suits your playing needs. For example, choose longer lengths if you are a speed hitter and shorter ones if you happen to be a strong hitter. You should also test a bat with a few swings before buying. That helps you to have a feel of its power.

3) Material

Another factor to consider when buying bats is the manufacturing material. Typical materials are aluminum, composite, wood and alloy. You should keep in mind that composite bats are best for you although they break down quickly and are expensive.

When choosing wood bats, bamboo sticks are the best for you as they are robust and durable. You should also consider maple bats if you happen to be a big hitting batter. That’s because they are stiff and can withstand force.
Aluminum or alloy bats are best for you if you want a lightweight and durable bat. Alloy bats are made of carbon fiber that can sting your hands if not properly handled.

4) Approval

Softball leagues have their different certifications when it comes to softball bat standards. You should check with your league rules to ensure that your bat meets their standard requirements.

You should also be careful when buying used senior softball bats as they may be damaged. You can check your league association websites to find out about their bat rules.

5) One Piece and Two Piece Bats

Softball bats come in two different makes. One-piece bats are constructed using one piece of metal from the barrel to the handle. That enables you to have a powerful swing as there is little flex as you hit the ball. One-piece bats are ideal for you if you happen to be a powerful hitter.

The downside to them is that they give a lot of vibration as compared to the two-piece softball bats. Two piece bats, on the other hand, have their barrels and handles bonded together.

You will find them more flexible as they have a whip effect that enhances your bat speed. It’s ideal for you as a contact hitter.

6) Balanced and End Loaded Bats

Another point to consider is the overall stability of your bat. End loaded softball bats have slight imbalances as a result of their barrels that have extra weight. That enables you to have powerful and faster swing. However, you need to be patient when using this end loaded softball bats.

That’s because you need time to figure out your ideal swinging angle. Balanced bats, on the other hand, have their weights evenly distributed. They enable you to enjoy a smooth swing without having to put in a lot of strength. Your swinging angle is also easier as these bats have a balanced load. You can learn clearly about them at kandkadventures.com


Choosing the right senior softball bat should be easier if you follow the above guidelines. Your choice of senior softball bat material will also determine its price.

How to Determine Slowpitch and Fastpitch Softball Glove Size

Choosing the right glove is not as random as it may sound. It is just like choosing the right tool for the right job. An ideal glove to a player is one that fits both the players hands and best suites the players position.

The output quality of the task in hand depends on your ability to determine the right equipment. For comfort and convenience in using a glove, determining the glove that suits your need is the first item on the checklist. So, what goes into determining the right glove?

Fastpitch and Slowpitch gloves – What’s The Difference?

While the difference between a fastpitch and a slowpitch glove is small, this difference can be significant enough to someone who knows what they are looking for. A fast pitch softball player, example at college level, will need a glove significantly different from a minor league slowpitch player.


Image: coachrynders.com

In a slowpitch game, a catcher’s mitt is not that necessary. An essential Utility Mitt will do just fine. The same does not apply to a fastpitch catcher. Pitches in fastpitch travel at 90mph on average so a catcher will need a catcher’s mitt and extra padding, just like those used by baseball players. Other factors include the player’s field position.

Shortstops and second basemen will need gloves with shallow pockets to allow them to get the ball out of the pocket faster while outfield players will need deeper pockets to make easier catches. The material used in making the gloves and the webbing applied will also determine what kind of pitching the glove is designed to catch.

Determining the Glove Size

A combination of two key factors will determine what a player needs. These are a player’s age and the field position. The size increases with age up until high school level when an adult will use the same size of glove as a high school student.

In knowing the size of glove, use a measuring tape and measure from the index pocket to the heel at the base of the glove. The following are the ideal glove sizes based on age and player position.


An infield player under the age of 8 will wear a 9-inch to an 11-inch glove, while an outfield player will need a glove between 10.5 inches and 11.5 inches in size. For ages 9 to 13, an infield player will need a 10-inch to 11-inch glove while an outfield player will wear an 11 or 11.5-inch glove.

A high school student’s glove is ideal between 11.5 inches and 12.5 inches for an infield player and 12.5 inches to 13 inches for an outfield player.


Slowpitch gloves are unspecified since not much detailing goes into the design for manufacture. An infield player will find a 12 inch or 13-inch ideal while an outfield player’s glove is between 12 and a half inches and 14 inches in size.

The allowance in size is to accommodate the smaller than or larger-than-normal players, but most manufacturers provide a measuring chart that details the right size of glove for both fastpitch and slowpitch players. The glove size gradually increases from the first base through to the third base players, pitches, and outfield players.


Choosing a glove that fits your hand not only makes playing fun, but it is also fundamental to prevent injury that may be brought about by wearing an undersized or oversized glove.

When shopping for a softball glove keep in mind you need to consider field position, level of play and the age of the player. These three factors should be a guidance to purchasing a glove that fits well and is designed for the position one plays. Remember the secret to success as a softball player lies in the ability to maintain control of the ball around the gloves.

Lakewood Police seek hit and run driver; victim severely injured

LAKEWOOD – Police are seeking a hit and run driver who left a 45-year-old pedestrian in the street injured and unable to escape being hit by a second car in the eastbound lanes of West Colfax Avenue late Saturday.

The driver of the second car was stopped and arrested by police a short distance from the scene of the accident at the intersection of West Colfax and Kendall Street.

Investigators said the victim, whose identity is being withheld until his family can be notified, sustained potentially life-threatening injuries. He was taken to St. Anthony Central Hospital for treatment.

Lakewood Police investigators said the victim was crossing Colfax heading south about 10:55 p.m. Saturday when the first vehicle hit him and kept going east on Colfax. That vehicle is described as a silver-color, recent model sedan. After the first vehicle struck the victim, police said, a car they believe was driven by Martin Parras, 44, also struck the victim, then continued a short distance eastbound on Colfax.

After his arrest, Parras was booked into the Jefferson County Jail on suspicion of vehicular assault and driving under the influence. He no longer was in jail Monday morning, according to jail records.

Lakewood Police urge anyone who witnessed the accident or anyone with information about the accident or the other driver and vehicle to contact investigators at 303-987-7111.

OPED: GSA’s actions contradict its “green” message

The U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) states they want to “increase conservation awareness, save natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

I challenge GSA to live up to their words by setting aside natural habitat on the Denver Federal Center as identified on their final master site plan. Conservation awareness is not possible without including natural habitat and wildlife. Education includes teaching reverence and respect for our natural environment, which GSA seems to have all but forgotten.

Natural resources such as land, water, and wildlife are not renewable.

If GSA wants to influence more sustainable behavior, then they should practice what they preach. Stop exterminating wildlife simply to make way for your “green development”. There is nothing “green” about extermination.

GSA has also stated they have “embarked on a bold goal of achieving zero environmental footprint”.

Rapid development is destroying the environment, leaving a huge footprint from which it cannot recover. The lack of foresight to plan for natural habitat and wildlife, which can be sustained for future generations, is arrogant and foolish.

In addition, GSA states they want to be a “good neighbor” and help us “green our environment together”.

GSA has the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the local sustainability movement by setting aside natural habitat at the Denver Federal Center. Natural habitat helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by pumping oxygen into the air. If GSA is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, then they must make it a priority to save natural habitat.

Perhaps GSA can consult with Noble Prize winner Susan Solomon, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder about how the loss of habitat locally and globally is negatively impacting the world’s environment.

The best way for GSA to effect change is to lead by example.

It is time GSA takes responsibility for including true conservation awareness, the retention of natural resources, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by incorporating natural habit and wildlife within the Denver Federal Center.

If you value natural habitat and wildlife and want them to remain on the Denver Federal Center for the next 100 years please contact: GSA: Sally Mayberry, Public Affairs Officer Denver Federal Center 240 Denver, Co. 80225-0000 Phone:(303) 236-8000 x2322; Fax: (303) 236-3606; Cell: (303) 941-7637; Blackberry Pin: 30E2ADC6; Email: sally.mayberry@gsa.gov; or Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy: 303-987-7040; bmurphy@lakewood.org

Cultural Center adds second Chinese dance performace

SUBMITTED BY: Rhetta Shead, Marketing & Promotions Supervisor, Lakewood Cultural Center

LAKEWOOD – The Lakewood Cultural Center announces the addition of second performance by one of China’s premier dancers, Yu Wei, on Saturday, Jan. 22 at 7:30 p.m. for Yu Wei: Chinese Dance Collection, a visually stunning multimedia performance of Chinese culture and history shown through rich cinematography and dance.

Limited tickets also are available for the 2 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 23, performance. All tickets are $18 for adults and are available by calling 303-987-7845, online at www.Lakewood.org/CulturalCenter or at the Cultural Center Box Office, 470 S. Allison Parkway (near Wadsworth Boulevard and West Alameda Avenue). Senior, student, child and group discounts are available and there will be ample, free on-site parking.

With a cultural richness and unique style, Yu Wei’s dance art is inspired both by nature and the human condition. The program features music from China and the world, original costumes and hairdressings and short films shown between the dances that depict the culture and artistic background of both dance and dancer.

Yu Wei’s captivating dance visions have been holding American audiences spellbound for over a decade. She has been praised for being a “special artist and a gifted, sensitive dancer” and “a brilliant dance star.” Loved by audiences everywhere, Yu Wei has performed throughout the United States including New York’s Manhattan Center and the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

As a little girl, Yu Wei was selected by the Wuhan Song and Dance Theater Academy to study a broad curriculum of dance based on Chinese classical, traditional and folk dance and ballet. After graduating, she joined the Wuhan Company and soon became its principal dancer.

After relocating to Beijing, Yu Wei began her long collaboration with nationally renowned dance master Zhang Ke. She was the lead dancer of the National Ballets Lijiang River Sentiment and Yao Shan Flame. Her Chinese Dance Collection has been performed in all of China’s major cities and broadcast on National Century Television.

Performed in America since 2000, the Yu Wei Dance Collection has been selected for the rosters of Philadelphia’s Musicopia and the Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour (PennPAT).

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Anette John-Hall wrote: “Such a beautiful dancer. There are strains of ballet, folk and modern dance throughout her program – she is adept at them all. With her disproportionately long hands that flutter like a bird, Yu Wei’s dancing is all fluidity and grace.”

After viewing her performance at the 2004 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, dance critic Merilyn Jackson of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote: “Yu Wei took everyone’s breath away with her dance Lotus – Burst of Pure Dream. Lying on her back with her head to the audience, she depicted how a lotus unfolds. It was pure beauty.”

The Lakewood Cultural Center 2010-2011 Performing Arts Season is generously supported by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), with appreciation to the citizens of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, Aura Spa and Wellness Center at the Sheraton Denver West and The Denver Post.

Censure of school board member ignites heated debate

LAKEWOOD – The Jefferson County School Board Thursday got an earful from supporters of embattled board member Laura Boggs, who was the target of a censure approved by her fellow school trustees last month.

In censuring the conservative Boggs, board member Robin Johnson said, despite a board vote to the contrary, Boggs spoke in support of three statewide ballot issues, 60, 61 and 101, which would have restored voter approved statewide tax and spending limits, reduced some fees and the state’s income tax and limited government debt. The board voted to oppose all three of the 2010 ballot issues.

Boggs’ public support of the ballot issues, Johnson said, went against the board’s “governance” policy, which requires members speak with a single voice once a vote has been taken. Other board members cited Bogg’s behavior in school settings, saying she acted inappropriately.

But the catalyst for the censure was a memo to board members from Superintendent Cindy Stevenson that said Boggs had threatened to raise questions about a federal grant to gauge the effectiveness of linking incentive-based pay raises with student achievement. In the memo, Stevenson said she felt intimidated when Boggs said she would “tear this county apart.”

State Rep. Jim Kerr, a Republican who represents the heavily populated House District 28 in South Jeffco said Boggs was “censured unreasonably” in what “amounts to an attempt to limit the First Amendment rights of an elected official who is expressing an opinion.”

“The voices of all of you need to be heard,” Kerr said. “I want my elected official to be able to voice their opinion. By taking that away, you are depriving a member of this board of her freedom of speech.”

After the 4-0 vote to censure Boggs came down Dec. 16, board member Paula Noonan called for Boggs’ exclusion from any school board committee.

During a late afternoon study session before Thursday’s board meeting, Noonan rescinded that proposal, saying she wanted to set a new tone for the New Year.

During a break between the two meetings, Noonan approached reporters to endorse Boggs’ right to voice her opinions despite previous charges that Boggs violated the board’s governance policy.

“Anybody can say whatever they want whenever and where ever they want,” Noonan said.

Other citizens opposed to the censure raised issues of school performance in their support of Boggs’ opinions on linking the rising cost of education to student assessment scores.

Jen Raiffie, with a group of Boggs’ supporters standing behind her, said the district spends $11,000 per student each year, but some schools post proficiency rates as low as 10 percent.

“I am disturbed by the transgressions of this board,” Raiffie said. “This board is not putting students where they should, and that’s first.”

And Brenda Smull, backed by another group of Boggs’ supporters, echoed that concern.

“Why are we paying more for less,” Smull asked.

Board members did not comment on the support for Boggs, but a group of teachers stood in defense of the censure, and a Jefferson County Teachers Association officer defended the JCEA, which took some collateral criticism during the meeting.

“We do have a lot of work to do. We have also accomplished a lot,” said Lisa Elliott of the JCEA, referring to the comments about low proficiency rates. “(But) It seems today that, much of the time, when a student doesn’t do well, the teacher or the school or the principal or the school board is in trouble, not the kid.”

And David Rupert, speaking for the group of teachers, hinted Boggs had the wrong motives when she questioned the federal incentive grant.

“Too often in today’s winner-take-all climate, true collaboration and mutual respect are replaced by dishonesty and manipulation generated by a politician who is attempting to further his or her political agenda,” Rupert said. “When true collaboration does occur, as it has in this case, it can be twisted and used for political posturing or an opportunity to spout one’s ideology.”

But Lakewood activist Sherry Collins questioned the role Bogg’s behavior played in the censure.

“This seems to be about two things: process and behavior. And you will recall, you had a former Board member that beat his wife and daughter,” Collins said, referring to former school board member Vince Chowdry. “You didn’t censure his behavior, which was worse than the political dissent and supposed behavior of Mrs. Boggs.”