OPED: Mayor, council “playing politics” on smoking proposal

SUBMITTED BY: Christine Milo, Lakewood

As a member of Citizens for a Healthier Lakewood who attended the City Council Study Session regarding strengthening Lakewood’s Smoke Free laws, I was shocked at the complete disregard of the years of work our Coalition has done to educate and organize community residents and businesses who feel strongly about making Lakewood a more family friendly community.

It was clear that the Mayor and Council never intended to listen to our recommendations to make outdoor public places smoke-free and to protect workers and adjoining businesses from the intrusion of secondhand smoke from cigar bars that are really just places for smokers to skirt the law and smoke cigarettes indoors.
Council members say they want to hear from the community but it appears that they really just want to protect their own political interests. Who were they listening to? Not the community! In the past 6 months we have gathered signed endorsements from over 900 individuals and 30 small businesses supporting our recommendations and we were completely ignored!
Looks like playing politics is alive and well in Lakewood!

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