OPED: GSA’s actions contradict its “green” message

The U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) states they want to “increase conservation awareness, save natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

I challenge GSA to live up to their words by setting aside natural habitat on the Denver Federal Center as identified on their final master site plan. Conservation awareness is not possible without including natural habitat and wildlife. Education includes teaching reverence and respect for our natural environment, which GSA seems to have all but forgotten.

Natural resources such as land, water, and wildlife are not renewable.

If GSA wants to influence more sustainable behavior, then they should practice what they preach. Stop exterminating wildlife simply to make way for your “green development”. There is nothing “green” about extermination.

GSA has also stated they have “embarked on a bold goal of achieving zero environmental footprint”.

Rapid development is destroying the environment, leaving a huge footprint from which it cannot recover. The lack of foresight to plan for natural habitat and wildlife, which can be sustained for future generations, is arrogant and foolish.

In addition, GSA states they want to be a “good neighbor” and help us “green our environment together”.

GSA has the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the local sustainability movement by setting aside natural habitat at the Denver Federal Center. Natural habitat helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by pumping oxygen into the air. If GSA is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, then they must make it a priority to save natural habitat.

Perhaps GSA can consult with Noble Prize winner Susan Solomon, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder about how the loss of habitat locally and globally is negatively impacting the world’s environment.

The best way for GSA to effect change is to lead by example.

It is time GSA takes responsibility for including true conservation awareness, the retention of natural resources, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by incorporating natural habit and wildlife within the Denver Federal Center.

If you value natural habitat and wildlife and want them to remain on the Denver Federal Center for the next 100 years please contact: GSA: Sally Mayberry, Public Affairs Officer Denver Federal Center 240 Denver, Co. 80225-0000 Phone:(303) 236-8000 x2322; Fax: (303) 236-3606; Cell: (303) 941-7637; Blackberry Pin: 30E2ADC6; Email: sally.mayberry@gsa.gov; or Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy: 303-987-7040; bmurphy@lakewood.org